Office Series

Office Metal Doors


1.Made for Interior applications.
2.Designed to meet security & aesthetic requirements of office space.
3.Prevents any kind of intrusion
4.Can be single/double leaf door
5.CE certified Door hardware used6.Various design options available
7.Made with GPSP sheet of 1mm thickness
8.Design & Size of door can be customized as per requirement
9.Surface can be with powder coating treatment
10.Can be fire rated or non fire rated
- Sheet: GPSP Sheet 1.5mm Thick
Door Leaf
-Sheet:GPSP Sheet 1mm Thick
-Infill: Rockwool(96kg/M3)
-Glass:Schott Pyran/Wire meshed frame
-Sheet:GPSP Sheet 1.5mm thick
-Sheet:GPSP Sheet 1.5mm thick
Lock System
-Standard: Mortise lock OML-33 or
- As per client choice
-SS Butt Hinge:OZ-SS-BH 4x3x3
-Overhead door closer: NSK-680 Other Hardware
-Concealed tower bolt(Double leaf door)
Drop Seal
-Door Bumpers
-Door stopper