Hermatically Sealed Doors

Hermetically Sealed Doors are specifically designed for areas like Medical facilities & clean rooms & Laboratories where maintaining clean air, hygiene and the control of air leakage are critical. Hermetically sealed sliding doors helps to control the air pressure which is of prime importance in the hospitals. These doors are designed for easier accessibility & better use of available space as compare with conventional doors types.   Providing the highest possible degree of hygiene, our doors have unique tight sealing system which enables them to reduce cross contamination and air infection.

Maximum Door Weight 160 Kg / Leaf
Door Width 1070 mm to 1570 mm
Total Opening Width Required 2350 mm to 3350 mm
Installation Possibility Surface Mounted
Opening Speed 25 – 55 cm/sec (Adjustable)
Closing Speed 25 – 55 cm/sec (Adjustable)
Available on Specific Demand

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